My 2021 Wild Things Presentation

On Saturday, February 18, 2017, Bob Fisher and I did a presentation at the 2017 Wild Things Conference.

Here are the title and abstract:

“3F. New Uses for BCN Transect Data from Chicago Urban Parks
Eric D Gyllenhaal and Bob Fisher, Bird Conservation Network 
BCN transect data from Chicago westside parks reveal how birds use these urban spaces. Using graphs and charts of count and breeding code data, seasonal patterns can be related to park resources. BCN data can inform and educate a wide range of park managers and stakeholders through informal conversations, Facebook groups, park cleanups, park advisory council, neighborhood meetings, and more.”

Here’s a PDF version of our PowerPoint slides: wild-things-session-3f-new-uses-bcn-data-urban-parks

You also can use the menu navigation on this website to access analyses presented during our talk, plus addition analyses and supplementary materials.

If you use any of the graphs or other materials on this website for educational or research purposes, please acknowledge both the Bird Conservation Network and Cornell University’s eBird Project as well as the authors of this presentation.


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